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The last thing you need in your home is an issue with the plumbing. Most people can’t tell the difference between a coupling and an elbow, and why should they be able to? That’s why we exist: So you don’t have to worry about it.

We offer a simple guarantee to our customers – If there’s a problem with your home plumbing, we’ll get it fixed. With our decades of experience, we’ve done everything, from complete home installations to total storm repair. Here are just a few of our residential plumbing specialties:

Toilets – Flushing, filling, or leaks – we can handle it. When you’re the go-to plumber in the San Fernando Valley, you deal with every type of problem under the sun. This is the kind of issue that sets people on edge – after all, you can only go without a toilet for so long. Luckily, with a quick call to Pink Plumbing, it can all be fixed relatively easily. In minutes, we’ll be able to tell what’s wrong with your toilet, and be able to repair it soon after.

Disposals – If your garbage disposal has lost its appetite, it can be daunting. If it isn’t replaced quick sharp, it can be smelly. People forget that disposals aren’t designed to munch anything and everything, and if you’re clogging it up with every type of waste, it’s going to break down. It’s a good job we’re here to fix the problem. When you book a disposal service, we’ll take a look at the current unit, and if it needs replaced, we’ll remove it, then completely install the new one. A complete service, and handled in hours, not days.

Baths & Showers – If your bath or shower breaks down, it’s a safe bet you’re going to want it repaired as soon as humanly possible. Long days and warm weather aren’t the greatest mix for personal hygiene. Our repair service is rapid, comprehensive and dare we say it, the friendliest in the Valley. What’s more, we offer complete installation service for your bathroom, be it a suite, or individual baths and showers.

Sinks & Faucets – Ahh, the old leaky faucet. A plumbing problem as old as time. We’ve seen thousands of them, and as a result, we’ve fixed thousands of them. A leaking sink or faucet can quickly blossom into a real emergency if left too long, so it’s worth calling out an expert to take a look. What’s that? Are we experts? You bet we are. With a quick call, we’ll be on the way to your home, ready to diagnose and repair any sink or faucet issue.

Whatever your home plumbing needs, wherever you are in Southern California, Pink Plumbing is here for you. We’re famous for our excellent service, rapid response times, and yes, our bright pink trucks.  To have them heading your way, call 818-833-7890 anytime.

“Great service, a nice guy named Gilbert came and solved a bad plumbing problem with our sink on Christmas and saved our Christmas dinner.”

Elliot M.

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